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🙋 FAQ ​

After the chart is initialized, only one line can be seen? ​

The chart always fills the container, checking to see if the container has height.

The candle shows a line, no fluctuation, what to do? ​

Chart default price precision is two decimal, call setPriceVolumePrecision(pricePrecision, volumePrecision) to set the precision.

How to create a real-time chart? ​

Through style settings.

  candle: {
    type: 'area',

Built-in technical indicators, calculated data is not what you want, how to do? ​

You can override calc by the chart method createIndicator or overrideIndicator.

What if I want to create an indicator other than the built-in technical indicator? ​

Charts support custom technical indicators, see indicators for details.

Want to mark the point of sale, how should do? ​

Overlays can be used. The built-in overlay has a simpleAnnotation, which can be created with the chart api createOverlay({ name: 'simpleAnnotation', ... }, paneId).